Neon Fox.

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About ME

A Brooklyn based style blog by Alicia[ah.lee.see.ah] Nicholls.

neon [nee-on] adj;
bright, electric personality

fox [foks] noun;
a cunning or crafty person 

//my style is whatever my mood dictates.

10 Facts About Me
1. Trinidadian and Cuban
2. I love pizza!
3. Aquarius|2.6.94
4. F.I.T. student
5. #naturalhair #curlygirl
6. I’m only 5’5″ my fro makes me 5’9″
7. lefty, but pretty ambidextrous
8. fluent in gibberish(secret language)
9. Nikon D3200|50mm x f/1.8 lens
10. ok maybe not…