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If you are looking for the best WordPress site builder, then Elementor should be the one.  Why?  Because Elementor helps in building anything on WordPress that too without coding.   It offers great creative experience with WooCommerce builder, 18 widgets, and so on.  With the help of Elementor, you can create a stunning custom-made website with perfect design.  This will in turn help you to get more traffic and leads to your website. So now check out this Elementor Black Friday 2020 to get huge discount on your next purchase.

One look at the reviews given by its satisfied customers will convince you of Elementor’s efficiency.   It is called a Designer’s dream.  That is why today Elementor is in demand now.  It simplifies content creation with some great extra features for a more pleasant experience.

The use of Elementor in WordPress is made simpler using Elementor Templates.  These are premade page templates that can be imported into the website.  That is not all, from there onwards, the editing work can be carried on like changing text, colors, images, and so on.  So, if all this has piqued your interest, then it is best to review a few steps on how to use Elementor in WordPress.

There are two methods:

Firstly, the free Envato Elements WordPress plugin can be installed.  This will enable the user to browse and import templates without leaving the WordPress site.

Secondly, get your favorite Elementor Templates from Envato Elements.  They have a great selection of Elementor Template Kits.  With the help of the free Template Kit-Import plugin, the user can download favorite templates and import them.

For this, the free version of the Elementor Page Builder plugin should be installed and activated along with a free personal account with Elementor.   To install and activate the Elementor page Builder, the process is very simple as detailed below:

  1.       Inside WordPress, go to Plugins and then to ‘Add New’
  2.     In the search bar, type ‘Elemntor Page Builder’.
  3.     After that click on the Install Now button
  4.     Lastly, click on the Activate button.

That is all that is required to install and activate the Elementor page Builder.  For adding the Elementor Templates,

  1.       From Pages, go to All pages.  Then Go to the page within the WordPress Dashboard that you want to edit.
  2.     Inside the Editor, select the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button which is on the upper left side of the screen.  This action will launch the page builder. (This button will be just below the page title if you are using the WordPress Classic Editor).
  3.     In the middle of the screen, a box will be mentioned with two signs.   A pink colored plus sign and a Gray folder.  If you move your cursor over the Gray folder, a tip will be seen ‘Add Template’.
  4.     Clicking on the icon will take you to the Elementor Template Library.

There are a lot of choices offered on the Elementor Template Library.  So, if you are looking to customize your WordPress website page, then Elementor Templates are the best choice.  With just a few clicks, you can give a new look to your website.  So, in a matter of a few steps, you can use Elementor in WordPress and custom build your page.

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