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How To Install Chisel In Air Hammer

 Install Chisel In Air Hammer

Air hammer is the must-have tool for your tool shed as its the most useful tool used in a variety of works. It is available in the market with different types of accessories, kits such as a chisel.  

This tool is perfect for extracting tiles, industrial rivets, seized bolts, and many other carpentries, machinery, household renovation, and other applications. The best Air hammer is distinct because of the capacity to swap bits for various forms. However, one needs to keep a lot of things and precautions before replacing or inserting a new chisel in the air hammer.

A chisel in air hammer is quite necessary as this tool utilizes air pressure to exert a bit forth and back in a hammering movement to chisel away elements. 

Here are some steps to remove and insert a chisel in air hammer –

Carefully Remove the Existing Tip

If you wish to replace or insert the new chisel in the air hammer, firstly, its quite essential to learn how to remove the existing chisel.

Please switch off the power supply of the air hammer and make sure it doesn’t start accidentally. Carefully remove the pressurized air tube of the air hammer.

Lift the Retainer Spring

Retainer spring in air hammer couples in a clockwise manner. Unhitch it counterclockwise manner till it gets removed. Few air hammers in the marker have an in-built switch to remove the existing tip instantly. After removing the tip, one can observe the lock that allows the insert or removal of the new chisel.

Carefully Inject a New Chisel Tip

Air hammers are available with a variety of chisels with different sizes and thicknesses. Choose the sought chisel tip depending on the type of work, carefully inject it into the cylinder’s nose, and make sure the bit is secure. As mentioned before, air hammers come with a lock button. In case you don’t have it, make sure that the chisel gets locked into position.

Carefully Re-Insert the Retainer Spring

After injecting the new chisel tip, carefully re-insert the retainer spring. Assure you operate it up all the strings until it leans on the barrel. Once more, check the new chisel carefully to guarantee it is firmly connected. As soon as you are sure that everything is in place, re-insert the pressurized air tube and check the tip forcefully. The tip should slide back and forth but shouldn’t get detached from the tip of the cylinder.

As soon as everything looks okay, turn on the power supply and continue working with the air hammer. In case of replacing the chisel again, follow the steps mentioned earlier back.

Handy Tip

Air hammer comes with a variety of new accessories; therefore, before attaching them to your air hammer, apply a thin coat of oil with the brush on them. The thin layer of oil or grease will help reduce the friction and increase the shelf life of the air hammer. Use a shock absorber along with air hammer to reduce the blows felt in the body.

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