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Where to Buy Stylish and Affordable Glasses Online

*This blog post is sponsored by Zenni.com, all words and opinions are my own*

It was my fifth-grade year when I found out that I would be needing prescription glasses. I still remember my first pair because they were oval shaped wire framed hand-me-downs from my mom and they truly weren't the coolest pair for a 10-year-old. To be honest I was not thrilled to have to wear glasses because I knew that it came with a responsibility of basically always having to wear them every day, all day.

But fast forward to current times I am now obsessed with having the freshest specs. With Zenni I'm geared with high quality, stylish, and super affordable eyewear. Men, women, and children can express themselves for any look or occasion when selecting their favorite pair of glasses from Zenni. And I love that I can create the dopest eyewear wardrobe for every need and outfit. 

For me, my glasses have to be an acetate full rim style in a square shape because the frame fits my face well and it gives me a wider seeing area. If you're ever in a rut for finding the perfect pair Zenni has a great tool for virtually trying on any style and a guide on measuring your pupillary distance aka PD.

I chose these super funky clear pink frames because they really expressed my love for color and my playful style. I also added a personal touch of a star engraving on each side of the temples.

And for a more chic, sleeker look, I also selected a pair of neutral colored frames. I love these glasses because of the tortoiseshell pattern with the extra black layer on top adds a touch of depth to the style. I, of course, had to get these engraved but with an unexpected twist of an alien to still show off my quirky side.

I know that finding the perfect pair of glasses online can definitely be a very time-consuming project on top of your already busy schedules but fear not Zenni has got your back or eyes in this case! Honestly, it is so easy to order your next pair of glasses through Zenni because of their large selection of styles and pocket-friendly prices. I promise your eyes and wardrobe will thank you when you order online at Zenni.

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