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How to Wear Socks and Heels for Spring

If you follow me on Instagram then you'd know I spent a couple of weeks in LA enjoying the warm-ish weather and eating out way too much! One of the days that I was there it was nearly 80 degrees and that gave me the perfect opportunity to wear fewer clothes aka cami top and denim shorts. I'm currently missing LA because NYC just got hit with yet another snow storm!!! :(

Anywho moving on...

This look was already simple enough and definitely needed a little elevation so, of course, wearing blush tone heels made a statement. Now I couldn't stop with just the shoes I wanted more for this look so layering sheer sparkly socks (y'all know how much I love sparkly socks) added a nice little pizzaz.

The key to wearing the sock and heels combo is really about playing with texture, color, and shoe type. These blush heels were a perfect fit for sporting the combo because of its cut-outs and suede material. Now I have plenty of different socks that I could've possibly worn with these shoes but I opted for socks that were super sheer, sparkly and had studded details.

Also, please don't think that this shoe style is the only way to wear the sock and heels combo. You can most certainly go for a pair of classic pumps, open toe, strappy, platform heels and so much more. How would you rock the sock and heel combo this spring?


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  1. Sooo fly.
    I never know how to rock the sock/heel combo but this has given me a few ideas. ;)
    Also, that clutch! I love it! Do you have any other recommendations outside of the UO one you linked?

    -Grace | The Keen Kind


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