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The Freshest Way to Wear Sequins

Sequins can be a little intimidating especially when it comes to day wear but there is a way around this minor style dilemma. I think everyone's "fear" about wearing sequins is that it could be way too overdone and you'll unintentionally end up looking like a disco ball. Styling sequins should be taken with precaution yet still being the focus of the look because I mean, after all, it is sequins we're talking about here.

For this look, I have actually paired a sequin dress with a more neutral piece, the camo skirt. The skirt acts as the piece that breaks up the look thanks to its very casual feel. Now, of course, pairing camo with sequins isn't the only way to make things less disco feeling. To keep sequins looking less tacky consider wearing it as a separate and pair it with denim, solid or printed neutrals, oversized pieces or other basics. 

*shoutout to these young skateboarders*


**photos taken by Corey & Jennelle
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