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4 Looks with Aeropostale #InAero

Recently I collaborated with Aeropostale....I know crazy right?! But before approaching this collab I thought to myself I haven't worn Aeropostale since I was in 8th grade how could ever be caught wearing such a near ancient brand?! Well here it is people...I'm wearing Aeropostale and I would like to think that I made it look pretty good. Aeropostale has re-branded within the past years and it's not the over saturated brand of logo tees anymore. While there are a few classics there are new modern and trendy pieces that are being offered by Aeropostale. Keep scrolling to see what Aero pieces I wore!

Look 1: The Track Suit is Back | Feeling hella early 2000s in this look and it brings so many nostalgic memories. I'm just glad I got to be part of such a monumental era.

Look 2: In My Primary | TBH this look makes me feel like I should be chilling at someone's BBQ and I'm about to chow down on some bomb ass wings...wusgood? 😂

Look 3: In a New York Minute | Ok so these photos are the epitome of me trying to get a decent picture of my fit in the middle of the street. Like how do these top bloggers do it so gracefully?? Oh, wait they don't stand in the middle of busy ass Times Square!😐

Look 4: Simple Things | Nothing like keeping things simple. Simple.

(not all are listed some items are sold out)

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  1. HAHA! I be wondering the same thing!!! I can't hardly get the shot for cars running me over in DC. Lovely looks!

    See my latest post:
    // don't be silent
    born bred BE - a blog by Alexia

  2. Oh gawd, your first outfits in yellow and orange just make that melanin poppin af gurl !! You're doing amazing, i love your blog !

    Meli xx https://akahotsauce.wordpress.com/


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