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My New Favorite Bodysuit

To be honest I have ALWAYS hated the idea of wearing a bodysuit because of the need to constantly use the bathroom being a major issue. But I when I would see other people wearing a bodysuit they'd look so cute and I'd be like omggg why can't I be this cute, haha! So with that said here I am wearing a bodysuit and looking super cute. This perforated near see-through bodysuit is absolutely perfect for high temps like it was on this day. Also, I must mention all this side boob action, yaaaaas!! I already see this is the beginning of my journey to wearing more cute bodysuits. :D


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  1. Yassssssss you so cute! Teach me how to dress! 😍😍😍 and yossss these pics are fire yes location!

  2. May I ask where you got the skirt from?


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