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Why I Shop in the Men's Department

Do you ever find yourself at a store looking for clothes in the women's section and just feeling stuck? Well, fear no more there is a whole other section filled with even cooler pieces called the men's department. I have always been one to shop in both women's and men's but for some reason, I always felt more satisfied shopping in men's.

I shop in the men's section because I think that I'm finding "one-of-a-kind" pieces that other people won't have. I just like the exclusivity of being able to buy a men's shirt and not have to worry about a bunch of people wearing the same shirt as me. And honestly, it's all about feeling and looking different which is typically my goal for whenever I get dressed every day. My ice cream printed t-shirt is actually from Topman. I love shopping at Topman because they have sizes that start at XXS which is perfect for me.  

Zamnnnn Alicia! Back at it again with the bright socks!
-Topman T-shirt|Boohoo Jeans|Topshop Socks|Forever 21 Bomber|Vans Sneakers|VTG Backpack-

Do you ever shop in the men's section?

Shop this look:

**photo credit: Nate
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