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O U T F I T: how to not wear pants in the summer

-Urban Outfitters Shirt(similar)|Levi's Shorts(similar)|Zara Shoes(sale & similar)|H&M Bag(similar)|Sunnies(similar)-

'Tis the season for being super hot and sweaty. When deciding what I want to wear during these times I always opt out on wearing pants. I usually prefer anything above the knee, like shorts that are shorter than a button down shirt. I mean there's nothing wrong with that...right?

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  1. You look SO amazing!!! LOVE those chunky brogues so much!!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  2. I'm so with you right there. It's so hot!!
    I usally wear over sized flannels as an excuse to not wear pants. I'm so lazy to even wear a skirt or dress!! Haha, great look though! Stay cool.


  3. Wow, Alicia! This low key minimal shorts look is Amazzzzing!!! Your hair, the shoes….so in love with it!!! xo


    adorn la femme

  4. Love the outfit haha!


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