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O U T F I T: double slit

-H&M dress & hoodie|Forever21 jacket|Converse sneakers|Coach bag|Trax NYC earrings, necklace, & rings-

This is one of  my all-things-comfortable looks since I'm all about comfort. Now I can't get enough of this maxi dress, because I can wear it dressed up or down. Today I decided to keep things very dressed down. The dark green color is lovely, and in addition the double slits just gives it that extra "oomph". On a side note I really love these jewelry pieces that I recently got from this jewelry store here in New York called TraxNYC. Gold is my favorite type of jewelry tone, but I decided to mix it up a little with copper and silver. The necklace is perfectly delicate and simple for everyday wear. Since I only wear stud earrings these earrings are perfect for me, and I love the shape and color. The ring set consisting of all three tones of gold, silver, and copper has this luxe feel to them, definitely really a beautiful set.

photo credit: Ingrid S.

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  1. This skirt is just PERFECT!


  2. sick jacket mixed with that graceful skirt makes for a great+ unique look!


  3. Yasssssss, this dress does give a little "ummffh".
    Hehe, but I like the way you wore your maxi dress as a basic and started layering above.
    Then top it off by mixing it up with different tones of jewelry.
    Great photos by the way ^^

  4. I love how you toughened up/ dressed down the maxi, which is such a beautiful color. These photos came out great, btw!


  5. You look fantastic! Great mix with the hoodie, maxi dress and that awesome leather jacket!

    - Che


  6. i'm loving all the little details!


  7. One of my favorite looks ever! I swear. Forest green never goes wrong and I love that you paired it with a ,leather jacket ♥ love your blog!!

    I have a new post, btw! It`s called "FANCY"

    ROUGH & TOUGH | I`m on Bloglovin!

  8. Omg I've just dicovered your blog and I'm in love!
    You have such a beautiful style and pictures, I can't wait to see your next posts :)

    It would be lovely if you could take a look at my blog! Woo x



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