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MAKEUP MONDAZE | Easy Office or School Makeup

Hey guys so for Makeup Mondaze #2 I have a look that's perfect for the 9-5 office job or college life. This look is super easy and simple and can become your everyday makeup look. I hope you like the video if you do please thumbs it up and don't forget to subscribe!


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SUPER STYLISH SATURDAY | Easy Summer Staples + Lookbook Video

Summer staples typically mean clothing or accessories that are basic and super easy to translate to other outfits. I think this summer it's all about looking put together while still feeling cool...oh wait that's every summer, ok so nevermind...Anywho I decided to layer a white blazer with this look because we all know that a white tee and denim shorts outfit is literally everyone's go-to look. So to put the icing on the cake a blazer pulled everything together and now I'm feeling so fresh and so clean clean... hehe.  

Keep scrolling to check out the Summer Staples Lookbook Video below in collaboration with MimiMoments!


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**photo credit: Mimi
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What's New on Youtube? New Videos + New Segments

Hey, guys! So I have been busy on the tube lately and by that, I mean working on new videos and adding new segments to my Youtube channel. Below are the recent videos that I have uploaded that are also new video segments called Makeup Mondaze & What it Do Wednesday (WIDW). Each segment is explained in each video and there is also going to be another video segment for Saturday. Make sure to watch the first episode of WIDW to find out what's coming for Saturday!!

I'm super excited for these new segments as it'll make my channel a little more consistent and also give guys something to look forward to every week! 
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Peace & Love! x

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