A C C E S S O R I E S: ankit noise cancellation headphones

Although I'm not a big headphone wearer as I prefer the earbud these amazing Ankit floral headphones were a great first pair. I love the cute pastel design and the noise cancellation is impeccable. This summer I'm going on vacation and I can see these coming in handy for plane rides. 

Use discount code 'NEONFOX20' for 20% off your order until March 1st.

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B E A U T Y: elizabeth and james nirvana white

A little over a week ago I turned 21 and typically I always indulge in some sort of self-gifting. This year I decided to buy myself this Elizabeth and James perfume set. I had been sampling it for some time, testing out the scent, and its longevity. After a while, I finally decided that I wanted it to be my new signature scent. The peony and tender musk notes make it very feminine with a hint of sophistication. Many people have complimented me for smelling so good (haha) and it lasts all day. I totally recommend giving it a try if you're into perfumes.

Always get a sample of a perfume before purchasing to see how it mixes with your own natural smells.

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I N S P I R A T I O N: 14 songs for v-day|playlist

-all images via tumblr|collaged by me-

Although I'm not one to celebrate Valentine's Day, I thought I could just share a playlist that consists of 14 songs that's all about love and shit. And no, there's no cheesy nonsense on my playlist either. Also, if you have a Spotify kudos to you, if not you're missing out. 
Enjoy lovebirds. 

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