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How to Have a Colorful Summer

As a New Yorker the color black is definitely an easy go-to no matter what season, but I am tired and bored of black. Our world is very colorful and I want to embrace my actual love for color through the clothing I wear. This look here is screaming vibrancy with the green and orange hues. I love this color combo because both colors compliment each other in a brilliant way. If you're really wanting to wear more color this summer you just have to go for it and wear 2-3 colors in a look. Don't be afraid to wear color and don't let it wear you. 

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A Weekend in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Last month I was in Jamaica for my best friend Tangela birthday and it was ABSOLUTELY amazing! And I'm sure you know that is a factual statement if you watched my Instagram stories, haha. It was just us 4 best friends ready for an adventure or whatever kind of lituation we could get into....

Day 1: As soon as we arrived at our hotel resort, the Royal Decameron at Cornwall Beach that is, we raced to catch our first lunch meal. This resort is all-inclusive so meals and drinks were unlimited and activities were available to us free of cost. After lunch, we got settled into our room but we, unfortunately, had to chill there for a while as it began to pour rain. We apparently were visiting Jamaica during its rainy season and I totally wished that I got a photo of the clouds rolling in from the mountains, it was so beautiful and scary at the same time.

Day 2: Since we had an early first night--aka we took a nap that was only supposed to be for an hour but turned into 5 hours--we were awake extra early. The first activity was enjoying our first breakfast and of course, we couldn't have breakfast without MIMOSAS!
Then we headed for the pool with more drinks in hand, played some water polo with the other guests and tanned a lot.

Later that day our other friend, Kayla finally arrived and that's when things got real! We first had our baes shoot and then had a mini party in our hotel room with other girls that we befriended. If you were following along on my IG stories then you know what kind of party it was!😛

After that, we headed to down for a quick dinner before getting ready for a boat party. Unfortunately, I didn't get photos while we were on the boat but if you watched my IG stories then once again you know what went down. Also, just to clarify things, we didn't have any concrete plans for activities that were going to do while in Jamaica. We were honestly just going with the flow and hoping for the best.

Day 3: We went on a little road trip tour down to Negril with our first stop being at Fort Charlotte. Fort Charlotte was built in 1746 to protect Jamaica from naval attacks during the Napoleonic Wars. The next stop was chilling on the beach at Margaritaville. While there we played musical chairs with other guests (I won of course) and drank lots of frozen margaritas. Also, I would just like to add that you must ALWAYS wear sunscreen no matter what skin color you are. I have never really been one to wear sunscreen until I got burnt, roasted, deep fried whatever you want to call it, in Jamaica. I definitely came back to America with a bad sunburn but now my tan looks so bomb, so I can't complain too much.😅 Finally, our last stop was at Rick's Cafe, which is an infamous cafe that tourists frequently visit for its public bar and cliff jumping activity.

Our last night in Jamaica ended at a bar/club with some people that we met while visiting. The last night is still a little blurry due to some drinking activities, haha. But nonetheless collectively we had a blast in Jamaica and we can't wait to visit again!

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My New Favorite Bodysuit

To be honest I have ALWAYS hated the idea of wearing a bodysuit because of the need to constantly use the bathroom being a major issue. But I when I would see other people wearing a bodysuit they'd look so cute and I'd be like omggg why can't I be this cute, haha! So with that said here I am wearing a bodysuit and looking super cute. This perforated near see-through bodysuit is absolutely perfect for high temps like it was on this day. Also, I must mention all this side boob action, yaaaaas!! I already see this is the beginning of my journey to wearing more cute bodysuits. :D


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