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Video | Cute Vintage Outfits for Summer

This summer I have been living in vintage and thrifted clothing so here's a lookbook showing how I styled each piece!

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How to Show off Your Bra this Summer

I don't usually wear a bra but when I do I at least make sure that I show it off. Of course not in an obnoxious way but in a way that gives the look an extra pizzaz. This neon green lace number is from Blush Lingerie and it's my new fave bra in my drawer, the color just screams NEON FOX!

Also, if you're interested Blush Lingerie is having a huge July sale with pieces up to 65% off + 6th item is FREE99! Check it out!

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The Sweet Scent I'm Loving this Summer

From a young age, I always loved perfume and basically anything that smelled good. I grew up admiring my mother's favorite perfumes collection as her signature scents consisted of Dior J'Adore, Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers, or Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue. And yes I was definitely sneaking a spritz or shower in one her perfumes. My faves in her collection are J'Adore, a scent full of richness and Sunflowers, a strong fresh scent both having floral notes but very different at the same time.

Over the years I  have learned a lot about the different notes that make up a perfume, and the fact that I am sometimes attracted to scents with musk or jasmine notes. I definitely still gravitate towards the strong fresh and floral scents but lately, I have become fond of the warm and spicy scents for summer. Scents that have hints of vanilla, amber, and musk usually fall into the warm and spicy category which explains why I have been loving Commodity's Gold perfume.

I love this scent because of how it makes me feel edible as if I have been perfectly glazed in sweetness. The richness of Commodity's Gold definitely holds up to its name inspired by, of course, the most luxurious metal, with notes of molten amber, vanilla, creamy musk, and sandalwood.

Commodity's premium and luxurious unisex fragrances are inspired by artisans around the world to give a different experience through each scent while also being vegan and cruelty-free, which makes me so much happier to love their product.


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