O U T F I T: statement trench coat

-Thrifted Jones New York Coat(similar)|Missguided Sleeveless Blazer,&Skirt|Forever 21 Turtleneck|Handbag Heaven Bag|Aldo Boots-

A way to enliven a very neutral winter look is by adding a statement coat of some sort of color. I decided to go with this amazing thrifted trench coat that I scored for five bucks (no joke). The evergreen color is the perfect contrast between the grey and whites. I am also happy that this coat is pretty versatile in terms of wearing it with multiple outfits and color palettes. In addition it has a detachable lining so that means I can wear it in the spring  too. *Excitement!*
By the way I hope all of you are having a wonderful year so far!

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I N S P I R A T I O N: living room style with Modani

Living Room Style with Modani
-All furniture & accessories are from Modani-

If I had my own apartment the living room would certainly be decorated just like how I put together the above set. I have always wanted to show how my personal style would reflect on a particular room, and I believe that when you're decorating any room it should feel like a work of art.
There are times where I find myself feeling very sophisticated and I wanted to portray that through my living room set. I love tranquil moods so playing with cool tones like greys and blues are a perfect fit. Minimal white accessories pull together the whole design and the statement zebra rug adds a little personality. I decided to go with the Bristol 3 Seater Sofa in white because it has a modern design with a luxurious look. Modani has a great collection of modern sofas so definitely check it out here!

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A C C E S S O R I E S: new specs

If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed that I got new glasses! I have been needing a new pair for like four years now and I'm glad that I was approached just in time. The wayfarer frame was what I wanted to go for since it was really time to retire my old rectangle frames. 
Once the glasses came in the mail they definitely looked a lot better in person. After wearing them for about a week I realized that it was hard for me to get used to them. They started to feel big and kept sliding off of my face. 
Now before ordering these there are instructions to measure pupil to pupil get the PD measurements. Unfortunately my measurements were a little off so the glasses are slightly too big for my face. Other than that I love the look of them. I think I want to order some more in different colors because you can't have too many glasses, right?

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