O U T F I T: little white tee

-Zara White Tee|ASOS Skirt|Converse Sneakers|H&M Choker(similar)|Baggu Clutch|Sunnies(similar)-

The classic white tee has been an essential piece in just about everyone's wardrobe for decades plus it's a no brainer to own a white tee. I love the versatility of wearing a white tee with just about anything from overalls to a leather pencil skirt. While the jeans and white tee combo is very timeless,  I wanted to upgrade my white tee look with a denim wrap skirt.

How do you wear your little white tee (LWT)?

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O U T F I T: how to do summer layering

-Forever 21 Shirtdress(similiar)|VTG Gap Jeans(similar)|Converse Sneakers|Forever 21 Bag(similar)-

The words summer and layering typically should not be in the same sentence because thinking of layering in the summer definitely sounds dreadful. But fear not I have had some long thoughts on both words and they can actually work together. 
The summer season can make anyone feel like they're going to melt so layering your clothes in the summer is only going to speed up that melting process. But it is possible to do summer layering if it's done in a more practical way. For instance, I decided to pair a long button down shirt dress and my favorite jeans that didn't make me feel like I was going to have a heat stroke. You can certainly take your summer look to new heights with layers instead of settling for the typical tee and shorts ensemble.

How do you wear summer layers?

photo credit: Francisco
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L I F E: Trinidad | A Mini Travel Diary

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I took a family vacation to Trinidad a few weeks ago. Why Trinidad? Well, my mom is from Trinidad and we wanted to visit our family. Now I didn't take as many photos as I would've liked because I was honestly trying to take in every moment and trying to capture those moments was very difficult. But it was definitely an eventful and very interesting trip. Plus it was really nice to see and meet some of my family members.

Transportation wise there was a lot of traveling through the mountains to get the beaches, which was a little scary because of the very narrow and curvy roads that made me feel like the car would fall over any minute. And then the one time that we hiked to get to this beautiful waterful (pictured below) was not my favorite moment. Nature is nice and all but I really am not a fan of aggressive insects and steamy environments. Although, I must say the scenery was beautiful...I mostly miss the palm trees and mango trees that surrounds Trinidad.

Also, if you didn't know but us Trinidadians are party people, we party until the break of dawn and then some more throughout the day. And liming (a term equal to chilling) was definitely an activity that went on all day and night as well. Island life is just so chill that there's no point in worrying about the little things. 

I can't wait to go back again...TAKE ME BACK! Hopefully next time I'll get some better photos.

Before we arrived at Las Cuevas Beach.


Soaking up some sun at Las Cuevas Beach.

Bamboo Cathedral.

Rio Seco Waterfall. I hiked 3 miles for this, but it was worth it.

Snorkeling in the coral reefs of Tobago.

Our boat was cute in pastel colors with polka dots on the outside.

A sweaty face selfie.

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