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O U T F I T: I'm Not Sure

-VTG Calvin Klein Jacket(similar)|H&M Top(similar)|American Apparel Skirt|Aldo Boots|VTG Backpack(similar)-

I really do not know what to call this look or what category of style to put this look in. 
When I was trying to figure out what to wear I really just threw on whatever was clean, to be honest. My style has been all over the place and it's always been that way. Describing my style is a little complicated because one day I'm a minimalist and then the next day I'm girly-edgy. It's weird but that's what makes my personal style, mine.

**photo credit: little sister Heaven
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O U T F I T: Groundbreaking Florals

-American Apparel Skirt(similar)|H&M Tee(similar)|Converse Sneakers-

I'm breaking the pavements of New York in some groundbreaking florals. Ok not really...but I'd like to think so. Anyway, I brought back an old skirt that is seriously my fave foreverrrr and if you'd like to see another way to style it you can refer to this post. :)

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O U T F I T: Little Red Dress

-Forever 21 Dress|VTG Calvin Klein Jacket(similar)|Topshop Shoes|VTG Backpack(similar)-

This little red dress is definitely a new one for me because I never wear red. Trust me, I've always wanted to wear red but I'm very particular about the tone of red. There are red shades with a cooler tone (blue-red) and there are shades with warmer tones (orange-red). I mean I can wear both tones but I tend to favor the cooler reds for some reason.

How do you feel about wearing red?

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