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The Freshest Way to Wear Sequins

Sequins can be a little intimidating especially when it comes to day wear but there is a way around this minor style dilemma. I think everyone's "fear" about wearing sequins is that it could be way too overdone and you'll unintentionally end up looking like a disco ball. Styling sequins should be taken with precaution yet still being the focus of the look because I mean, after all, it is sequins we're talking about here.

For this look, I have actually paired a sequin dress with a more neutral piece, the camo skirt. The skirt acts as the piece that breaks up the look thanks to its very casual feel. Now, of course, pairing camo with sequins isn't the only way to make things less disco feeling. To keep sequins looking less tacky consider wearing it as a separate and pair it with denim, solid or printed neutrals, oversized pieces or other basics. 

*shoutout to these young skateboarders*


**photos taken by Corey & Jennelle
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How to Upgrade Your Denim Style with Boohoo

If you know me then you'd know I absolutely love denim anything. Denim is such a versatile textile that can be worn all year and it will never go out of style. The different cuts, dyes, and finishes of denim is what makes it such an easy to manipulate fabric. I usually always go for a distressed faded look. Oh and I'm always down for a nice pair of skinny black just can't go wrong. With that said, in this post I styled 4 different pieces of denim all from Boohoo.

Shot by Corey Johnson

Does it Better in Denim | Ah the denim skirt, the most coveted and classic piece that can be dressed up or down. This skirt has a really nice stretch to it which I of course love because if you know me I LOVE to dance aka twerk and I can do just that in this skirt. I feel like for this look it was all about fall vibes with the mix of different shades of green i.e the olive bomber and mesh top.

Blue is the Coolest Color | This look is a pure example of why I love denim and how it can be so versatile. The denim bustier is kind of an unexpected piece that can be worn by itself or layered. I'm so here for mix of sheer, denim, & high shine that gives off a kind of quirky vibe.

Daring in Denim | So I'm not sure if it's just me but I feel it's difficult sometimes finding a perfect pair of black denim shorts. Gladly I don't have to search anymore because I found a great pair from Boohoo. I love how these shorts hug my booty just right and they're short enough that I get to show off lots of leg. The distressed quality is my fave because I live for distressed denim as it keeps things interesting. For this look I wanted to go for a cool and eccentric aesthetic with the pops of colors, prints, and playful shapes.

Shot by Micaela

Baby's Got the Blues | If you're looking for a denim piece that can be worn comfortably yet with a stylish approach this dress is it. The off the shoulder style is still making an appearance on the scene so why not keep the trend going with a denim dress. I of course allowed the dress to be the statement piece in this look and jazzed it up with leather and hardware accessories.


All denim pieces were c/o Boohoo
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Back to School with Redbubble

There's nothing better than starting the school year off with fresh and cool gear that fits your style, but have you thought about looking further than your local superstore? Yes, there is a wonderful world of uniquely designed notebooks, cases, pouches and more that will have your classmates feeling just a little envious. Welcome to Redbubble, a community of over 400K independent artists with the mission of bringing more art into the world. Redbubble, which was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2007, is a marketplace that gives artists the chance to share and earn a profit from their artwork.

This golden mandala sunflower print was designed by Paviash and it is my fave because the sunflower is actually one of my favorite flowers. This notebook is perfect for jotting down ideas or even taking notes in the most stylish way.

Keeping up with the theme of all things stylish I couldn't pass up on FINALLY getting a case for my laptop. For a very long time, I didn't have a laptop case because I didn't like the generic styles that my local store offered. Luckily, I was able to find the perfect one that was designed by Redbubble member Micklyn.

Lastly, I decided to go a little matchy and get the same print on a pouch and phone case. I have already gotten compliments on my phone case. I love the design because I relate to it as I am a natural hair advocate. This design was created by artist DaCre8iveOne.

If you're looking for more stylish Back to School gear definitely check out Redbubble and take 15% off your next order with the code: neonstylefox15!

*this post was sponsored by redbubble all opinions are my own*
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